Western Canada Hyperloop Alliance

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    Western Canada Hyperloop Alliance
    Jul 2015
    The WCHA is recruiting. We currently have fifty-four prospective members including undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate students as well as faculty members from various universities across western Canada.

    We've broken down what needs to get done by August into seven main committees: Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, System Integration, Software, Project Support and Safety. We've elected team leads for each of these committees (some temporary) this past weekend. We have weekly meetings every Sunday online through Slack and plan to do so until August, where we discuss possible designs and ideas from each committee, giving constructive criticism and feedback.

    By the time August comes around we'll have multiple strong, creative and unique ideas from each committee, making it easier to work around the released specifications. We then have two months to refine our best ideas into our preliminary design package. Two months after that we'll have our final design package ready.

    It's a huge task to undertake and all help is welcome. If you're interested in helping it would be greatly appreciated. You don't necessarily need to be located in western Canada or even Canadian, we've named ourselves WCHA as we're based out of Victoria B.C. and the majority of our members are from B.C. and Alberta.

    Feel free to contact me, or if you know anyone interested in helping out, they can reach me at hannah.tottenham@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.
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