University of Illinois is forming a team!

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    Jun 2015
    The University of Illinois is forming a Hyperloop team that will bring together students from many disciplines across campus.

    Illinois students may have a head start on the Hyperloop work, as two mechanical engineering student groups have already worked on creating a Hyperloop test track аs part of their senior design course. Their aim was to create a small-scale, but working prototype of the Hyperloop system. You can see a sneak peak at their scaled down, early stage model below and above.

    The design incorporated three subsystems: the capsule, containing a ferromagnetic material; a linear induction motor that accelerates the capsule via electromagnetic induction; and the track and supports to guide the capsule in a loop. They also collaborated with ECE students on the prototype’s electrical components.

    Illinois students.jpg
    Mechanical engineering students working on a prototype Hyperloop track

    Engineering students at Illinois are already pooling resources and ideas to get started on the design challenge put forth by SpaceX. Students interested in joining the campus team for the competition should follow the updates posted on the team's Facebook group page, which already has 156 members.

    MechSE students should also contact the Undergraduate Programs Office with "Hyperloop" in the subject line to get involved with the project and incorporate this experience into their curriculum.

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