Hyperloop Pod Design

Discussion in 'Hyperloop Engineering' started by Sammerr AL-Badani, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Mar 2018
    All the hyperloop in the media makes me very interested in participating in the competition this summer. Unfortunately, I move furniture for a living so I don't have the time or funds. Having said that, I can't believe some of the propulsion systems I'm seeing discussed. I decided to design a pod and get feedback on the practicality.

    Benefits of this design include;
    No time wasted pumping tubes
    Low Cost of Pods and Loop
    No need for vacuum in loop
    Loop can be designed to propel pod
    Much Safer
    Efficient use of space sammerrpod.png
    High voltage alternating current could also be using to both charge the surface. With this method, the rear would also be charged to create high pressure behind the pod.