Preliminary Design Briefing packages are due October 22, 2015

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    Jun 2015
    All teams must submit the Preliminary Design Briefing package, which is a PowerPoint slide deck (in PDF format) of no more than 30 slides, which must include:

    1. Description of team and updated list of all associated team members and advisors

    2. Reiteration of whether team intends to build a Pod or just present a design at Design Weekend

    3. Top-level design description for pod (or subsystem). At a minimum, this should include, where applicable:
    a. Estimated Pod dimensions
    b. Estimated Pod mass by subsystem
    c. Estimated Pod power consumption by subsystem
    d. Pod navigation mechanism
    e. Pod levitation mechanism (if any)
    f. Pod propulsion mechanism (if any)
    g. Pod braking mechanism
    h. Pod stability mechanisms (e.g. attitude and lateral motion)​

    4. List and description of any stored energy on the Pod (e.g. pressure vessels, batteries)

    5. List of hazardous materials, if any

    6. Top-level description of safety features

    With their Preliminary Design Briefing, teams shall include a signed Competitor Entry Agreement that will be provided to teams who complete the Intent to Compete form on by September 15, 2015.

    Preliminary Design Briefings and signed Competitor Entry Agreement should be submitted to by 5pm PT October 22, 2015.

    In the subject line, write “Pod Competition Preliminary Briefing: TEAM NAME HERE”. Teams may submit only one Preliminary Design Briefing copy; any copies received after the initial submission will not be accepted. Please check your documents carefully before submission. SpaceX will respond to your submission within 48 hours to verify receipt. If you do not receive verification within 48 hours, please re-contact SpaceX at the same email. The purpose of this briefing is for SpaceX to “sanity check” the design and ensure the entrant is heading in a viable direction. Following the submission, there may be a down-select decision in order to properly manage the number of entrants. SpaceX will notify teams as to whether they have advanced within two weeks of Preliminary Design Briefing submission.