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    Jun 2015
    The competition will be judged according to the following criteria. The maximum number of points a team can receive is 2,500.

    Category 1: Final Design and Construction
    Overall quality of construction 100
    Overall cost of materials (normalized per payload mass) 100
    Levitation system 75
    Braking system 75
    Ability to economically scale 50
    Power consumption (normalized per payload mass) 50
    Payload capability (as % of overall mass) 50
    Category 1 Total 500

    Category 2: Safety and Reliability
    Structural margins of safety and design cases 100
    Pod-Stop command 100
    Safety in operations 50
    Fault tolerance of braking system 50
    Fault tolerance of levitation systems 50
    Fault tolerance of other systems 50
    Loss of power contingency 50
    Tube breach contingency 50
    Category 2 Total 500

    Category 3: Performance in Operations
    Efficiency of transport from Staging Area to Ingress Holding Area 100
    Efficiency of Functional Tests 100
    Efficiency of connection to the Operational Propulsion Interface 100
    Efficiency of transport from Egress Holding Area to Exit Area 100
    Pod is removed from the tube without requiring tube pressurization 100
    Category 3 Total 500

    Category 4: Performance in Flight
    Total distance Pod travels 200
    Minimization of system drag 200
    Functionality of Pod braking/deceleration system 200
    Tightness of lateral control around Hyperloop center-line 100
    Attitude control system 100
    Comfort of ride (per measured vibration environment)
    100 Reliability of data stream and DAQ software 100
    Category 4 Total 1000

    Total Points Possible 2500

    Note: Objective figures of merit for categories will be released with tube specifications