Funding Hyperloop development - who has the biggest pockets?

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  1. Mark Wheeler New Member

    Mar 2016
    Who has the biggest pockets is one question when it comes to funding. The other better question is 'who has the biggest problem that Hyperloop and only Hyperloop technology solves ?"

    The answer to this question is the UK Government, Transport for London and Heathrow airports owners.

    The problem.

    Heathrow is at its absolutely maximum flight capacity and needs new runways. This matters as it is the UK's Hub airport. No new runways can be built without massive protests and almost certainly failing EU pollution laws. Extra capacity built at other airports would be pointless as passengers need to connect to ongoing flights hence the hub status. In fact there is under capacity at three of the five London airports.

    Heathrow's lack of capacity and its resulting reduction in hub status is mentioned as the number 1 issue for business growth in London currently. It is also a hugely hot political issue in the run up to the London Mayor elections.

    Doing nothing will cost billions, whilst doing something will cost billions and be politically dangerous for the sponsoring politician.

    A Hyperloop solution could join up Heathrow to London's other airports using their existing capacity to create the worlds largest aviation hub.

    All delivered without the corresponding electoral ill will whilst using existing aviation infrastructure and meeting air pollution limits.

    Yes Hyperloop is an emerging technology which will mean some risk for the sponsors but the significant cost of the alternatives means that this risk should be acceptable.

    Hyperloop needs a big first user high profile supporter that has the money and the political will to develop a solution that will help fund Hyperloop technology for the rest of the world.

    If anyone know Boris Johnson, do tell him that he has a cheaper alternative to his Island airport!