Design Weekend coming January 15 and 16 at Texas A&M!

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    Jun 2015
    Design Weekend will take place on January 15 (Friday) and January 16 (Saturday), 2016 at Texas A&M University, College Station. The Design Weekend logistics will be released by Texas A&M in September.

    The goal of Design Weekend is for student teams to present their Pod designs, which, after receiving feedback, vetting, and approval to proceed, will be constructed for Competition Weekend. Non-student teams will be invited on a case-by-case basis to participate at SpaceX’s discretion.

    Entrants are encouraged to attend in person, but SpaceX may have one or two slots for virtual presentations by webcam for student teams who are unable to attend in person. If your team is unable to attend Design Weekend and wishes to present virtually, please indicate this in your Final Design Package along with a detailed explanation.

    Entrants who are not interested in building a Pod may still present designs for a Pod, an individual subsystem, or an individual safety feature. As an example of an individual subsystem submission, a team could choose to optimize the Pod’s aerodynamics or design the Pod’s Service Propulsion System. The purpose of such submission is to receive design feedback and to participate in a fun educational event.

    Entrants will present before a judging panel, which will be composed primarily of SpaceX engineers, Tesla Motors engineers, and university professors.

    While teams are encouraged to begin finding sponsorships now, the primary rewards for Design Weekend participation are access to corporate sponsorships. Select companies invited by SpaceX will be able to use Design Weekend as a platform for selecting teams to sponsor. At their discretion, such companies may contribute funds toward the construction of their sponsored team’s Competition Weekend Pod. Entrants who are selected for sponsorship may elect not to be sponsored or receive funds, at their discretion.

    SpaceX, at its own discretion, may award multiple innovation awards (each of which includes a small cash prize) to teams with any design features that SpaceX feels are innovative with regard to safety, efficiency, and performance.